Managed Big Screen TV Advertising

We were really surprised at the response we got from posting a weekend oil change special on the Dr. Know InfoVision TV's.
We made way more sales than without the ad.
Suganthan (Sugi) Sriluxmiranjan - Store 264

The Dr. Know InfoVision is a professional messaging system that is specifically designed to deliver customized messaged to your customers.

  • • Advertising specials.
  • • Display corporate required messages.
  • • Show off you community involvement. 
  • • Highlight the Weekly specials. 

  • • Remind customers of service requirements
  • • Promote special events
  • • Post policies
  • • Introduce Service Advisers

What makes Us Different...

Remote monitoring and updating makes it inexpensive and easy to keep your TV messages fresh. For example, specials can be run for a short period - i.e. a weekend oil change special.

We layout the messages for you. Just send us an email indicating the special/message you want to run and we create it and send back a proof. Once approved we add it into the message set.

General messages and videos are changed seasonally to reflect products and services that are relevant to customers. Our service also includes the “Products of the Month” videos and a weekly automotive special.

InfoVision’s job is to inform, remind and recommend products and service to your customers. It can also display necessary corporate messages, advertise specials, showcase staff and much, much more.


  • • Message changing/updating is managed by Dr. Know.
  • • 5 years experience in Cdn Tire Stores.
  • • Remotely maintained and updated.
  • • Inexpensive and great support.


  • • No staff time required
  • • Proven to increase sales time after time.
  • • Content is always fresh.
  • • Projects a modern appearance.