Dr. Know’s Texting has really helped us communicate with our customers in a timely fashion. We use it to book appointments, tell customers that their vehicle is ready, follow-up with declined work and more. Mike Kenopic - Dealer - Store 30

JustTexting - Communicate with Your Customers

JustTexting is a powerful tool that makes it easy to use texting in the Service Dept. Incoming messages are received right on your computer or tablet and outgoing messages are delivered to your customer’s phones.

What Makes Us Different is...

Your Own Texting Number

    JustTexting comes with a number dedicated to your use so customers will instantly recognize your messages. If a customer calls your texting number, the call is forwarded to your Service Landline. No missed calls.

Easy to Use

    It’s easy for your staff to respond to incoming messages because they appear in pop-up boxes on Service Area computer(s) and also make a notification sound when they arrive.

Texting has Many Uses

    JustTexting has many uses. It can book service appointment, follow up on declined work, inform customers that their vehicle is ready and much much more.

JustTexting Features

  • • Runs on multiple computers.
  • • Save and reuse common messages.
  • • Tag names to phones to make it easier to see who is messaging.
  • • Send “Vehicle Ready” texts.
  • • It's just a text so your customer's don't need to download an app
  • JustTexting Benefits

    • • More booked appointments.
    • • Timely follow up with customers.
    • • More satisfied customers.
    • • Reduced lineups in Tire Season.
    • • Customers instantly get messages.

    Get Texting Now - 416-708-0647 or Sales@DrKnow.com