JustTexting System Pricing

• Initial Setup: $249.95
• Tablet and Stand (provide your own and save): $549.95
• Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing Text Messages: $49.95*/month
• Add a additional computer/tablet station: $14.95/month
• Send all Incoming Messages to a Mobile phone: $12.95/month

Dr. Know Can Send Tire Change Reminders Too!

Let Dr. Know do the leg work of reminding your previous “tire change over” customers that it is time to swap tires. We work from the Excel list the Corporation sends you and do the following...

• Separate out the Mobile phones and Landlines: $24.95
• Email Landline List to your Service Manager: $4.95
• Work with you to create a custom message: $14.95
• Send the message to all customers with mobiles phones: $125.95

InfoVision Pricing

Operation Cost
• First TV - Message Creation/Management/Support: $69.95/month
• Additional TVs - $39.95/month

Initial Setup
• First TV Software/Computer/Cloud and Local Configuration and computer installation: $349.95
• Additional TVs - $199.95 (at the same time as first TV)

Note: does not include the Big Screen TV or TV installation.