Why Use Texting

Below are just a few of the statistics that indicate how well text messages are received compared to other forms of communication.

  • First and foremost, we all use texting.
  • 94% of Text messages are read with three minutes of delivery, compared to a mere 22% open rate for emails - Impiger Mobile Strategy.
  • nobody checks their phone messages reliably.
  • 44% of consumers prefer offers via Text compared to email (18%), smartphone apps (11%) and voicemail (8%) - Direct Marketing Association.
  • When used for coupon redemption, Text Messaging produces engagement rates eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing - Cellit.
  • Text Messaging marketing performs four to five times better than online advertising for creating brand awareness and increasing purchasing intent - Neilsen.

Dr. Know's Features

The Dr. Know system has been designed to be a communication hub.  Messages are displayed on your computer so that they can be quickly and accurately dealt with by one of your team members.  Dr. Know sends appointment reminders to patients scheduled in your management software on your timelines.  It can also send informational messages, newsletters, staff announcements, awards, birthdays directly to your patients.

  • Works with your current Patient Management System
  • Patients can REPLY to confirm or ask to reschedule
  • Messages remain on the phone for future reference
  • Much faster than leaving voice messages
  • Reduces “No Shows” by up to one third
  • Improved arrival times keep you on schedule
  • Less missed appointments = increase revenue
  • ROI is extremely positive
  • Message remain on their phone to review later
  • Send quick messages to an individual patient
  • Sends texts, email, and voice messages