The Dr. Know Communication System

The Dr. Know Communication System is a two-way messaging service that works with your current patient management software to send appointment reminders as texts, emails, or voice messages. This quick, simple service will reduce front office workload, reduce no-shows and missed appointments, and improve arrival times to keep your practice running on schedule.

There are three modules in the Dr. Know Communication System: Appointment Reminders, Informational Messages, and Quick Messages: 

Appointment Reminders

  • • Appointment Reminders are generated from your current patient management system.  
  • • They are fully customizable; you control the wording and their timing.
  • • Patients can respond to the text message to confirm the appointment or to reschedule.

Informational Messages

  • • Informational Messages are a great way to keep your patients informed about events and changes in your office.  
  • • Fundraisers, special events, specials, or changes to staff  can be quickly and easily sent to your patient’s phones.

Quick Messages

  • • Quick Messages are sent directly to one patient.  
  • • They can be sent in the even to a late arrival or a no-show, or to reschedule an appointment. 

Why Use Electronic Reminders?

Electronic reminders can save time, provide higher rates of engagement, improved accuracy of communication, and reduced missed appointments

According to Impiger Mobile Strategy, 94% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, compared to an open rate of only 22% for emails 

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 44% of consumers prefer offers via text compared to email (18%), smartphone apps (11%), and voicemail (8%). 

Dr. Know's Features

The Dr. Know system is a vital communication hub for your practice. Appointment reminders are quickly and easily sent by your staff members to clients, members, and patients. It can also send informational messages, newsletters, and announcements.

Below are some of the benefits of using the Dr. Know Communication System:

  • • Patients can reply to confirm or ask to re-schedule appointments
  • • Faster and more efficient than voice messages
  • • Reduces no-shows and missed appointments by up to 30%
  • • Improved arrival times keep you on schedule
  • • Reminders and messages can be sent as texts, emails, or automated voice messages

Using the Dr. Know Communication System