Waiting Room TV Screens

The Dr. Know Waiting Room TV Screen is a professional messaging system that is specifically designed to deliver personalized messaged to your patients and staff. We also offer a variety of entertaining messages and videos to keep viewers interested. Here are some of the things that you can put on your Dr. Know TV Screen:

  • • Introduce new staff
  • • Display before and after photos
  • • Update patients about staff news and changes 
  • • Present charity work and community involvement 
  • • Introduce products and services
  • • Promote special events
  • • Ask your patients for referrals
  • • Post rules and policies
  • • Display sponsors and sponsorships 

What Dr. Know Can Do For You

Build Loyalty

The Dr. Know System builds patient loyalty by sharing the staff's community involvement, milestones, interests, and more. 

Patient loyalty increases retention, which is one of the best ways to increase your bottom line. 

Create Relationships

Develop engaging relationships with patients. This often begins when our fun and interesting messages spark conversations that include topics other than teeth. 

Engaged patients are more likely to refer friends and family to your practice. 

Inform and Educate

Present important information such as new staff/services, educational resources, charity work, community involvement, product offerings, and referral promotions. 

Relax and Entertain

A relaxed patient is a happier patient, improving the experience for your patient, yourself, and your team. Fun and dynamic videos will keep your patients entertained, relaxed, and content.